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All of the Lights Danielle Llanes

All of the Lights

Danielle Llanes

Kindle Edition
244 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Rose Wilson has been living a lie. Her friends believe she is struggling to make it in Hollywood. The truth is, Rose is a sugar baby to international soccer star, Danny Davis. Everything is first class when it comes to Danny, everything that is, except for going public with their relationship. And going public is the last thing they can do--since Danny is married.When a paparazzi photo is paid off, Dannys wife puts an end to the affair. Credit cards are declined and Rose is left wondering if the dream is finally collapsing. Turning to her friends and finally coming clean, will they be there for her? And can she move on with her life, when there is a chance to have a relationship with the sexy Swedish import, Eoin Sklar?*For mature readers, 18+ for adult themes and situations*This story includes characters from Rolling in the Pitch. All of the Lights can be read as a stand alone novel.