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Kurd Mesa Dur U Deme Nehejmarti Arta Racho

Kurd Mesa Dur U Deme Nehejmarti

Arta Racho

Published January 20th 2014
ISBN : 9781494935245
394 pages
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 About the Book 

The book is about the Kurds life in the last hundred years. The world community is not seeing the Kurds as a basic and original people in their own land. So world community allowed themselves to divide Kurds land between four artificial states. Up to which level did they had rights to do that? Probably they exploited the weakness of the Kurds in that time, and they had no mercy and did not care about their fate. But as a British officer said, It will come the time, when the Kurds will know about their unjustified fate That unjustified fate was designed for the Kurds and they will ask for their rights to a free life on their own land. That time has come, and even the biggest religions cant blur people like the Kurds. The illustration comes with help of the religions like Islam, and even with help of the Jewish religion and the Cristians. The illustration comes by using the historical events, the old and the new once, from the Medes time up to the Safavid and the Ottomans times until nowadays events. And Id like to say that the Kurds are the basic people in the Middle East and the Kurds language is also a basic one in the Middle East and in the world. But Kurds activities were interrupted, because of many reasons, some of them were absolutely from the outsiders, but some were also from the insiders. Now they are in a critical time, the world community did not change their positions so deep. So what will the Kurds have to do And what will be as a reaction to that? Did Mihrdad Izady a Kurd specialist in USA say something about that and I didnt know. Did Heme Mir Weisy say his opinion? There are millions of Kurds who are asking about their new fate. So I am first discussing on the pages of this book about the Islam Shaikisms system and how much it was useful for our society? Did it come from the outside or was it a local thinking? The next thing I am discussing, among other things is if the historical proof from Catal Huyuk Kapadocia, Newali Curi and Shanidar... has not any sufficient indications to the Kurds ancestors from those hundreds of historical proofs? Or did they have different ideas and explanations about these places just as they preferred. By Arta Racho